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Compared to other English speaking countries the costs of education and living in Australia are comparatively low. All tuition fees for international students who study in Australia are exempt from GST and are charged up-front, with some institutions making additional charges to cover other associated costs like sports facilities, laboratory costs, student organization membership and library fees.

Australian education tuition fees to study in Australia for international students are very competitive with other countries. Other savings accrue as some degrees take only 3 years to complete in Australia compared to 4 years in the USA.

Australia has become part of an international move to have a better understanding of the needs of its people. This type of knowledge is crucial for good decision making, planning and support for Australians. The Living in Australia study is designed to meet this need. Having begun in 2001, the study is known as the Living in Australia study and is sometimes referred to in the media as the Household, Income and Labor Dynamics in Australia study.

In this study we collect and analyze information from thousands of different families and individuals across Australia. We ask questions about life in Australia including your employment, family relationships, education and wellbeing. This allows researchers to find out, for example, how one area in your life can affect other areas and how people remain the same or change over time. It can also show us how external factors such as Government decisions and world events affect our lives.

List of Universities in Australia

1. Australian Catholic University
2. Charles Sturt University
3. University of Southern Queensland Sydney
4. La Trobe University Sydney managed by ACN
5. Macquarie University CBD Campus
6. University of Ballarat
7. Curtin Sydney
8. Bond University
9. Griffith University
10. Carrick Institute
11. Australia Industrial Systems Institute (AISI)
12. Cambridge Int’l College Melbourne
13. Sydney Institute of Business and Technology (SIBT)
14. Melbourne Institute of Business and Technology (MIBT)
15. Perth Institute of Business and Technology (PIBT)
16. Queensland Institute of Business and Technology (QIBT)
17. South Australian Institute of Business and Technology (SAIBT)
18. Australian College of Applied Psychology
19. Australian College of English
20. Australian Institute of Public Safety
21. Canberra Institute of Technology
22. IIBIT in association with University of Ballarat
23. MIT in association with University of Ballarat
24. Hospitality Training Association Inc.
25. Australian Institute of Commerce and Language (AICL)
26. Australian Institute of Higher Learning (AIH)
27. CASS Training International College

28. Central College
29. Metro English College
30. UIC Sydney
31. Australian Institute of Workplace Learning
32. Australasian Hairdressing
33. TAFE NSW/NSW Department of Education and Training
34. Academy of Information Technology
35. SCBIT Sydney College of Business & Information Technology
36. Martin College Study Group
37. Canterbury Business College
38. Lloyds International College
39. Mercury Colleges
40. Cambridge College International
41. North Sydney English College
42. ICOM Training Australia
43. William Business College
44. Imperial College Australia
45. Taylors College
46. Melbourne Institute of Engineering (MIE)
47. Melbourne Institute of Tourism and Hospitality (MITH)
48. Melbourne Institute of English
49. MEGA Macquarie Education Group Australia
50. New South Wales Government Schools
51. Eynesbury College
52. Eynesbury College Academy of English
53. Strathfield College