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Like no other business, the main Marketing job is done by the student who applies through Destination Europe and succeeds in getting a student visa for their further studies in Europe. As Pakistan was ruled by the United Kingdom till 1947, a lot of students are inspired from their ancestors who went for study to United Kingdom when Sub-Continent was ruled by UK and they also want to follow up their ancestor’s footsteps.

Destination Europe’s direct marketing involves advertisement through Print media which is a very strong mean of Marketing. Box Aids are given in three different language newspapers i.e. English, Urdu and Sindhi. These adverts cover the southern part of Pakistan which is Sindh province including the commercial hub of Pakistan and it’s only world wide renowned port city Karachi.

Advertisement is also done through cable network of television which telecast Destination Europe’s adverts through out the Karachi covering the population of around 20 million.

Progress from its Foundation:

When Destination Europe was founded in 1996 it rented a relatively small office at first floor but at a prominent place. The office was situated right in front of NED University in Karachi at main University Road. From 1996 onwards the organization started to grow and became famous gradually. And initial staff of six peoples including two counselors started to size up. In August last year the organization decided to shift its office to a point which should be easily reachable for people coming from all part of the city.

The office was then shifted in February 2004 to a famous place a city center Gulshan-e-Iqbal near Gulshan Roundabout in a century building at first floor. Its new office and especially new electric sign board (having background of a beautiful view of famous London Bridge) is so attractive that people slows their cars to take a better look particularly in the evening.

Flow of interested students increase and the organization’s reputation builds up.