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Studying in the UK is not just about attending lectures and spending time in the library. Employers, both in the UK and globally, expect students who have studied in Britain to have developed a good understanding of British culture and to have enhanced their language skills. Some colleges will provide shared accommodation for students with the same nationality. This can mean that all your friends come from your home country. In most cases you will be living with people from different nationalities. Don’t lock yourself away! Speak with your new flat mates and join them for social events. Be proactive. It can be scary meeting new people but often they too have the same fears. Think about what you enjoy – food, sport, games, whatever, and find a college society to join. The students union will have details of current societies.

You may also think about volunteering. Colleges often have excellent volunteering opportunities where you can work in the community, with children, with lots of different client groups, and build your skills whilst enjoying yourself and doing good! Volunteering is well respected by employers in the UK and in many countries throughout the world.

List of Universities in UK

1. Bucks new university
2. London school of social and management sciences
3. LCA
5. University of huddersfield
6. University of east London
7. Anglia Ruskin university
8. University of Bedfordshire
9. Manchester metropolitan university
10. University of Bristol
11. University of east anglia

12. University of Nottingham
13. University of surrey
14. University of Aberdeen
15. LSC
16. Loughborough university
17. Swansea university
18. University of Birmingham
19. University of Southampton
20. Bradford College
21. University of Sussex
22. Hull College